December 21, 2020

What types of evidence does the writer use to support the ideas in the essay?

Elizabeth Shirley

Tutors are always looking for relevant evidence suggesting that the writer would need to collect considerable evidence. Writers need to learn and comprehend the purpose of their research or writing to identify the types of evidence needed for a specific essay. Having a mentor to guide a writer through different evidence forms makes it easier for them to identify the reference books to use and what evidence should be supported.

Prof. Gilbert PhD

Writers use statistical evidence in charts and other formats to support their ideas in an essay. Depending on the type of argument a writer wishes to express, they can use other text evidence to discuss their main ideas in an essay. Therefore, a writer should first study a topic to identify the types of evidence they can apply to a research topic.

Hannah Taylor

Most researchers tend to use both primary and secondary sources in support of their ideas. When primary sources are used,they explain other peoples’ views on a topic and make it more interesting because it seems real. On the other hand, researchers incorporate findings by other writers to elaborate a point in their work.

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