January 5, 2021

Can you write an essay on -Is College Worth It?

Elizabeth Shirley

College is worth it because of forming social connections and skills. The stressful environment, which provides a college, simulates real-life stressful conditions but in a safer manner. Students have responsibilities: they have to manage their time and find the possibilities to relax and have time for their hobbies. All of these are impossible without finding a common language with fellow students and professors. College is a perfect opportunity to form social connections and learn how to communicate with people in various ways. 

Hannah Taylor

College is the best way to become a professional. The vital idea of a college is not to master a certain set of skills but to learn how to acquire knowledge and how to operate it. Gaining a degree won’t make a person a professional. Learning new skills in a professional field and their successful application does. College is worth it because it is a perfect environment for learning how to learn.

Allan T

College is a highly stressful environment, which prepares students for harder challenges. Personal time and resources management are vital skills for every profession and every person who lives in a megapolis. To acquire the necessary knowledge and not burn out in the process is an essential skill that a college gives. It is what makes it worthy at all. A diploma or a complete course is only motivation but not the sake. The ability to operate them is crucial for a college education.

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