January 5, 2021

Write an argumentative essay in which you state and defend a claim about what it means to be successful in life.

Provide a definition of success in your own words, and support it with strong reasons and carefully chosen evidence.

Elizabeth Shirley

The point of this exercise is to teach you how to form your opinion and how to defend it civilly and coherently. The definition of success is wide, and each person will give you their term of success. For example, for a student, a passed exam would be a success. Therefore, you should imagine a bigger picture and start with your definition of success instead of appealing to widespread, general concepts. 

Dr. Susan Martinez

One of the crucial skills for a master’s student is to form a personal opinion and support it. The topic of success is one of the most common and easily approachable topics. The key point of this essay is to provide clear and coherent argumentation. It needs logical theses and their support. You may base your definition of success on real-life examples or use the argumentation of successful people to support your claim. The point is to develop your thought straightforward and consequent.

Tutor Claire

A degree of bachelor teaches how to collect information and how to process it. However, it is not enough to simply recollect the gathered information. It is vital to operate it. Therefore, a master’s degree requires you to think critically. This requirement goes not only to the material you have learned but to the general approach in life also. Personal definition of success and its critical analysis has the same nature of logical operators application as the rest of the argumentative essays. Therefore, start with a thesis statement and then disclose it with supporting arguments.

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