January 5, 2021

Write a body paragraph for an explanatory essay that includes relevant support for a claim and uses polished, academic writing throughout

Write a body paragraph for an explanatory essay that includes relevant support for a claim and uses polished, academic writing throughout. The claim, introduction paragraph, and conclusion paragraph have been provided for you, so your paragraph must fit the rest of the essay.

Dr. Susan Martinez

Modern politics goes through the crisis of the mass consciousness infancy. Politics is a tool to regulate social relations, punish crimes, and manage social dynamics within a country and between the countries. The politics evolved from primitive forms of tribes to modern democracy and national coalitions. However, the next evolutionary step of politics demonstrates visible crises. 

Politics is a tool not only for politicians but for regular people as well. Politics is formed due to the mass expression of will. The current mass agenda of the leader-countries is equality for everyone. Unfortunately, mass equality is impossible because there will be a difference between people; their capabilities, status, and features. The mass agenda does not realize this thesis, which indicates a mass infant view of the world. As a result, politics spends resources and time to resolve imaginary problems instead of real crisis management.

Allan T

The conception of a teacher has a wide connotation and may differ from the everyday life image of a tutor. The definition of a teacher goes beyond an occupation or a position in a university or a school. A teacher is a more philosophical conception, which differs from tutors. A tutor is a person, who explains the material, evaluates them, and does their job to educate someone to get a bachelor’s degree. However, a tutor is not involved in the personal affairs of their students. A tutor does not provide emotional support during difficulties and does not find a personalized approach. The tutor’s task is to provide educational material. A teacher, on the contrary, is a person who is involved in the personal affairs of their student. He or she provides emotional support and aims not only to show the material but make sure that students understand it.

Elizabeth Shirley

Stereotypes are an inseparable part of the modern world, which should be treated carefully. The first and the most obvious connotation of stereotypes is a harmful or distorted image of a certain nation, time, or ethnic group. Stereotypes prevent healthy communication and respectful treatment toward other people. However, besides the harmful and undesirable effects, stereotypes have necessary features. 

Stereotypes are a means to understand the surrounding world. If people exclude stereotypes from their lives completely, then the time needed to understand certain things will increase significantly. Stereotypes are a basis that people need to comprehend the world around them and to develop new views. The problems begin when people do not wish to move beyond their stereotypes and treat the basis as the final instance of some phenomenon. In the end, stereotypes are a method to learn about the world around, but like any method, it shall be used carefully.

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