January 5, 2021

Enduring Issues Essay

You will choose ONLY from these three Enduring Issues for this essay.

Cultural Diffusion: The movement of goods and ideas from one place to another

Power: The relationship between the ruler and the ruled/ or Social Classes distinctions

Impact of Technology: the effects of technology on people and/or the environment

It should be 5 paragraphs.


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Hannah Taylor

Сultural diffusion is a persistent and ongoing process, which will exist as long as human civilization does. Starting with the Silk Road and ending with modern international trading, cultural diffusion is an inevitable process during international communication. Human culture is a mechanism to define people within a certain territory, society, and acceptable beliefs. A distinctive culture is a basis that helps a person find their place among other people and differentiate individuals from each other. 

During the cultural diffusion, the distinctiveness of culture becomes blurred. A person inherits alien habits and customs and abandons part of the origin culture beliefs to adapt to the new society. Such duality does not give a new belonging niche while spoiling the existing one. This process is part of technological and social progress. The ideas and beliefs which cannot persist long enough in international communication will disappear with time. 

Prof. Gilbert PhD

The balance of power between rulers and people is in a persistent, dynamic motion. The rulers appeared as a necessity to manage resources and their distribution between people. From god-kings to modern nation leaders, rulers were a reaction to the necessity in management. The superficial distinction between rulers and their subjects is obvious: rulers have resources, loyal men, which protect the rulers for privileges alongside them, and legitimacy to do more than a regular man. These features are common for all of the rulers of all time, while regular people live under the reign of such a person and may only agree or disagree with the order of things. 

However, rulers have another vital quality that differentiates them from regular people: the skill of leadership, the ability to make difficult decisions and face their consequences.

Purity J.

Technological advancement was one of the greatest ambitions of humanity. The invention of the wheel may be called the first impact of technology on humans and the environment. The aim of technological progress is always the same – to create better living conditions or create a technology, which will lead to better conditions. For example, the invention of ancient war machines such as chariots was necessary to protect countries’ borders from enemies. 

Still, the harmful impact may be analyzed when the idea of technological progress falls into a harmful ideology or a violent intent in the first place. Technology itself is just a tool, like any other tool in everyday life. However, when a criminal takes a kitchen knife, it becomes a weapon. The same analogy is truthful for technology too. Cars, smartphones, and power stations are not malignant at the core, but so are people who misuse the technologies.

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