January 5, 2021

Which is not necessary in a historical essay?

A. argumentative thesis statement

B. first-hand accounts

C. historical evidence

D. interpretive claims

E. properly cited resources

Dr. Susan Martinez

Historical essay does not require interpretive claims. During a history lecture, a professor may give personal claims and subjective perceptions of the situation. However, a historical essay should be based purely on facts, first-hand accounts, and credible resources. Still, personal argumentation may be useful during the preparation for the writing. When you collect necessary information during the personal interpretation forming, you line your thoughts straight. This technique will help you to write a decent essay.

Elizabeth Shirley

Higher education has strict rules for essay formatting. Personal interpretation is possible for the more open-ended types of essay, such as survey analysis. However, historical essays require strict and consequent structure, which excludes personal thoughts on a question. Therefore, interpretive claims are not necessary for a historical essay. You need to provide a clear and argumentative thesis statement and support it with evidence and accurate resources.

Hannah Taylor

Historical essays are a vital part of getting a degree. They should follow academic rules and avoid interpretive claims. A historical essay is a coherent and consequent facts representation and analysis. They may vary from semester to semester, but the general formula remains the same. Your professor may ask specifically for some personal opinion or argumentation, but it is a special case, which should be treated separately. 

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