January 5, 2021

Now write a 250-word essay in which you evaluate and analyze sources 1, 2, and 3

Now write a 250-word essay in which you evaluate and analyze sources 1, 2, and 3. In your essay, focus on three or four of the predictions and discuss whether they have come true. What words did the authors use to describe them? What details did they give? If these predictions came true, how would you describe them? If they didn’t, do you think they may be possible in the future? Why or why not?

Prof. Gilbert PhD

Thomas Malthus presented a theory “principle of population.” Mr. Matlhus suggested that, if not controlled, the population will double itself each twenty-five years. It will grow in geometric progression. At the same time, the resources, which can sustain such growth, will increase in arithmetic progression. In other words, after a certain amount of time, there will be too many people, which will have no resources to sustain themselves. Therefore, the population shall be controlled and kept according to the production resources ratio to avoid global crises. 

The theory was revolutionary at the time but was heavily criticized as well. Despite having a rational seed within, the theory does not work in practice. First of all, Mr. Malthus admitted that such an enormous number of people he predicted is possible only virtually. Second, the population would not double itself without actual resources to sustain it. Finally, reproduction control is almost impossible and, therefore, cannot be forced.  

Tutor Claire

“The House on Mango Street” is a novel by Sandra Cisneros about a young Mexican-American girl Esperanza Cordero. The textbook shows the struggle of self-identification in the harsh environment. The Cordero family moves into a small house on Mango Street. None of the family members is pleased with the house, but it is the only option that they can afford. The main character of the novel, the girl Esperanza, seeks all means of escape from this house and Mango Street. During her lifetime, she witnessed different kinds of violence and abuse. However, these visions do not break her. Instead of the shortest path toward escape, Esperanza starts writing. Writing helps her leave Mango street emotionally and then, over time, physically. When she finds her identity, she vows to help the ones who can’t escape Mango street on their own. 

Elizabeth Shirley

 Importance of being on time 

Arriving on time is more than a mere gesture of politeness; arriving on time keeps the social and productive chains working as they should. The industrial society slowly concedes to the digital one. However, this shift is not imminent, and the conditions of industrial society still influence our lives. One of such influential aspects of industrial society is working shifts in the factories. They have a clear and defined amount of time during which the production shall be created or the service provided. All the supply and the logistic chains depend on the product manufactured in time. Therefore, arriving in time for the shift, a worker keeps the whole supply chain active. The same is true for our regular activities:

  • Arriving at a time for important meetings.
  • Being on time in the university to not fail an exam.
  • Keeping up with the events to keep the social life connected, reliable, and alive.

The positive influence on the psychological aspect cannot be overvalued as well. Arriving in time has an importance on different levels.

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