December 21, 2020

You've decided on an idea for an essay you've been assigned to write. what should you do next?

Elizabeth Shirley

After deciding the idea, one wishes to research, one plan and conducts a deep dig on the subject matter. A researcher requests reference material from the librarians and prepares their research outline from the references. Researchers also place a thesis statement at the beginning of their outline and label the supporting ideas with an alphanumeric.

Hannah Taylor

Undergraduates conduct interviews and obtain the help they can use to prepare research questions or plan their research. Independence of their chosen research topic, undergraduates are needed to find and secure enough reference material. Undergraduates obtain useful sources whose credibility and trustworthiness have been approved for use in the desired research with the aid of a well-educated specialist.

Purity J.

Graduates have been looking for the topics in readers’ guides to ensurethey can ground their essays on a good outline. Such ideas help them develop outlines that can fully express their ideas and ease the essay writing process. The brainstorming activities determine the choice of are search problem to be addressed in an essay. Graduates also list flexible topics based on their understanding of literature.

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