December 21, 2020

Which type of essay does not require that you examine and analyze secondary source documents?

A. DBQ essay process essay
B. Thematic essay
C. Globally thinking essay
D. DBQ essay
E. Free response essay

Elizabeth Shirley

Correct Answer: option E.

A free-response essay does not require analysis or examination of a secondary reference document because they usually refer to the essay question in high education institutions.Mostly, free response essays address questions that test the state and belief opinion of the researcher. Therefore, such essays need supporting facts that do not demand secondary source analysis.

Prof. Gilbert PhD

Correct Answer: option E.

A thematic essay does not require secondary source analysis because it develops the literature’s central theme using distinguished literary devices. Lecturer strain students on expressing the theme’s significance using their interpretation of the topic being discussed. Therefore, researchers do not need to review secondary sources because they can manipulate the essay’s outcome using other logical arguments.


Correct Answer: option E.

A Process Essay does not need a secondary source review because it is structured around providing readers with a direction or guidance to a specified activity. In each semester, lecturers develop processes that students use to perform different activities in the school. Process essays are developed as a stepwise guide to something, suggesting that it does not require validation of the informationsource if the process is practical.

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