December 21, 2020

Which two Elements are being Compared in the essay?

In the work of William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, in two speeches that are given to the people of Rome about the death of Caesar.

Dr. Susan Martinez

This essay has compared the Romans’ different speeches regarding Caesar’s death (Choiński, n.d.). While Brutus requests citizens to contain their emotions and set the reason for Caesar’s murder, Antony acknowledges Caesar’s ambition and generosity, which expresses the logic of his sorrow (Choiński, n.d.). Antony further clarifies that he was at the burial with no intention to praise Caesar as Brutus urges Romans to remain patient in Caesar’s respect and honor.

Prof. Gilbert PhD

Brutus’ argument seems to be guided by his urge to justify his actions and develop such actions’ logic (Choiński, n.d.). On the other hand, Antony’s argument has mastered being a slain leader’s theoretical and dramatic effect.The two oppose each other, but Antony employs more rhetorical skills to disarm his opposition and convince his audience.

Elizabeth Shirley

Antony builds a rhythm in the presentation that orients his support for the slain leader and opposes the accusation Brutus had laid on Caesar (Choiński,n.d.). On the other hand, Brutus recognizes the reasons behind Caesar’s murder and supports his claims using capital documentations. In their speeches, Antony incites the mob to take advantage of Caesar’s will.

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