December 21, 2020

The best way to ensure parallel construction in your essay is to use similar

Prof. Gilbert PhD

The best way to write a parallel essay is to use similar details in each paragraph. The supporting details used in a parallel are created to relate to each other and amplify the presentation’s main idea. In academic writing,all supporting details clarify the main idea and illuminate readers about the discussion topic.

Elizabeth Shirley

Parallel construction develops the essay with similar topic sentences like the ones used in the outline. Professors argue that the opening sentence names the author’s thoughts about a topic and introduces the main idea to be supported in the entire paragraph. Besides, topic sentences like the main topic of an essay merge the main idea and the essay’s theme.

Tutor Claire

Parallelism involves the use of similar sentence structures with identical elements and grammatical construction.Therefore, the sentences used resonate with the topic and unite the ideas in the entire paragraph ( n.d). Lecturers train students on how to present only one idea in a paragraph using multiple connected sentences.Additionally, students are trained on how to phrase different sentences according to the idea they discuss and resolve how events interact.

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