January 5, 2021

5 Paragraph Essay Graphic Organizers

Dr. Susan Martinez

Graphic organizer is a perfect way to start your essay. It is a bit more complex than a regular plan for an essay. However, the graphic organizer helps you to structurize your thoughts. Visual representation of the text separation will give you the right course for accurate argument representation. Create a separate document for the graphic organizers. It is not necessary to write the whole essay within it. You need to outline its main points. Consult your teachers concerning any additional tips for the graphic organizers.

Elizabeth Shirley

Five paragraph graphic organizer follows a common academic essay structure: introduction, first, second, and third body paragraphs, and conclusion. Your essay not necessarily shall fall into such a structure. It may be shorter or more complex, with sub-paragraphs and additional arguments. Therefore, you don’t have to apply this graphic organizer for each of your essays. The most suitable formats are analytical essays or opinion survey essays, which disclose one or two questions. 

Allan T

Graphic organizer may serve you not only as a tool for essay writing but a way for managing your lectures as well. Outline the graphic organizer before the lecturer starts, and you will have a handy field to point out the key points of the lesson and structure the key ideas. The main idea is that the graphic organizer is not a strict obligation, which shall be used only in certain types of essays but a useful tool, which can be applied to different studying situations.

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